Need a way to keep track of all of your

pregnant patients?

OB Patient Tracker to the Rescue!

This App is PERFECT for:

  1. BulletObstetricians

  2. BulletMidwives

  3. BulletResidents

  4. BulletInterns

  5. BulletMedical Students

  6. BulletNurse Practitioners

Using this program will help you easily keep tabs on all of your OB patients.  Simply start up the App and within moments be able to see a list of each of your patients, their due date and their current Estimated Gestational Age (EGA).  This list is sortable by name or EGA.  Color-coded icons will advise you which of your patients is in the first, second or third trimesters as well as which patients are Due (>37 weeks), which are Impending Post Dates (41+ weeks) and which are Post Dates (42+ weeks).  With another click or two, you will be able to see the following data elements for each patient:

  1. BulletAll Dating Criteria

  2. BulletGravidy/Parity

  3. BulletPertinent Notes

Since, as Obstetricians, we use several criteria to determine the best EDC, all calculation methods are fully independent.  This means that you can calculate each patient’s EDC based on several methods and store them all, with the ability to select your best (desired) dating method to be used for final calculation of EGA.  As we all know, many times patients come in with an LMP and/or a possible Conception Date (CD), but then we add a first or early second trimester ultrasound as well.  OB Patient tracker allows you to store them all.  You also have the ability to back calculate all dates based on a single date or back calculate individual dates based on the best dating method (this is further explained in the walkthrough. You can also do “what-if” calculations by changing the “as of date”.  For instance, a patient might ask you if it is safe to travel at Christmas.  Now you can easily figure out what her EGA will be at Christmas and be able to counsel her as to the relative safety of travel.

You will also find an EFW table presented by weeks of gestation.  This table is a very handy reference to check what a patient’s baby should weigh.  This table is meant as a general guide to help you determine approximate weights for the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 90th percentiles.  This information can be a very helpful reference but is not to be used as an absolute clinical guide. 

There is also a “quick” due date calculator included for times when you just need to calculate a quick EDC or EGA but don’t want to store the a patient in your database.  This happens to me frequently when I am in L&D cross covering or when patients call while I am on call.   Note that this due date calculator is also available separately at the iTunes App Store.  You can see further details here at DueDateCalc

Next, there is a weight converter that will allow you to convert rapidly between grams and pounds/ounces.  After all these years of Ob/Gyn I still have a hard time quickly calculating this particular conversion.  I figured that I couldn’t be the only one who needed to make this conversion so I included it as a part of the program.  I also have a free Weight Converter available at the App Store if you find you need to calculate larger weight conversions. 

Finally, is the Stats section.  This will show you statistics about your database of patients.  With one click and a little finger scrolling, you can see:  

Total patients on file
Total patients due
Patients with impending post dates
Patients with post dates
Patients in the first trimester
Patients in the second trimester
Patients in the third trimester
Total patients due by month (ranging from last month to 8 months from now).

I hope you find this program as useful as I do on a day to day basis.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are having problems or if you have a question or a suggestion.  I can’t promise that I will incorporate every suggestion, but I will certainly take them into consideration!  

In order to comply with HIPPA, I strongly encourage you to set a PIN on your phone to be required immediately upon turning on your phone!  This not only makes sense to protect all of the sensitive information already stored on your phone, but doing so will also keep anyone who made off with your phone from accessing any medically sensitive information on your phone such as the patient list kept in OB Patient Tracker.  NOTE:  Version 1.1 will include a PIN for the program.  For now, please put a PIN on your phone.  

To set an Immediate PIN on your iPhone:  go to Settings ==> General ==> Pass-code Lock ==> Require Pass-code ==> Immediately.  No one without your code can access anything on your iPhone including your patient list or any other sensitive data you might have stored.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR PIN!  Neither I nor anyone else can get you into your phone if you lock yourself out!  You will have to restore your phone on iTunes which means you may lose data!

1.1  (9/18/08)


- Ability to back up the data file to your computer!!!  (Requires download of free SyncDocs program to your desktop).
- Indicator to show which patients have notes. ("Notes" button text appears in caps "NOTES" if you have written any notes on the patient).
- Further information on statistics by clicking statistics item row.
- Removed "last month" statistics from list if number due last month is 0. 


- Fixed statistics display for numbers > 99.
- Fixed crash when selecting statistics item rows.


More functionality is in the works!  This will include a number of changes becoming available in incremental updates:

- PIN access for program (selectable (on/off)).
- Ability to save Delivered patients with info regarding delivery date, method, sex, weight, apgars, etc. 
- GxPfpal support.
- Icons to display VBAC, C/S patients.
- Labs Due Alerts (Selectable (on/off)).
- Possible Desktop Companion Program
- Many others. 

 Clicking an item on Stats causes the program to crash FIXED 9/18/08
 Any # in the stats > 99 causes the number to disappear  FIXED 9/18/08

Please report any bugs on the support page.
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