This App is PERFECT for:

  1. BulletMothers-to-be

  2. BulletFathers-to-be

  3. BulletGrandparents

  4. BulletFriends of the mother

  1. iPregnancy includes time-tested features
    as well as some exciting NEW features:

  2. Due date calculator using last period, conception date, ultrasound date, or due date.

  3. Baby’s gestational age in weeks and months, lunar months, and current trimester.

  4. Progress bar that shows how close you are to the “delivery safety zone”.

  5. Time remaining until your due date as well as the time remaining until your next major milestone.

  6. Beautiful interface with background that changes depending on the selected gender of your baby.

  7. 3-D ultrasound picture of the baby at each week!

  8. Baby Information including a brief summary of happenings with the baby at the current gestational age as well as information about the average length and weight of the baby.

  9. Baby Name Picker, which allows you to keep a list of baby name contenders.  This picker derives names from the Social Security Administration’s top 1000 names for last year.


  1. BulletSchematic Image of the baby at each week!!

  2. BulletUpdated baby information for many weeks.

  3. BulletMommy Information including what to expect and ideas for how to prepare for the coming baby.

  4. BulletOB Visit Tracker that allows you to keep track of your Weight, Blood Pressure and Fetal Heart Rate at each visit.  Also, you can include a PHOTO for each visit.  Enter unlimited notes. 

  5. BulletJournal to keep track of notes and photos at any time.

  6. BulletEmail details of any of your OB Visit/Journal Entries to friends or family!

  7. BulletWeight Gain analysis, helps you decide the appropriate weight gain for your size and helps you keep your weight gain on track for each visit by telling you how much you should be gaining each week!

  8. BulletQuestions for the Doctor section that allows you to keep track of and sort a list of questions to ask the Doctor at your next OB Visit.

MANY new fixes & tweaks existing users will LOVE!

All of this is available for the price of a Starbuck’s!

...and, since you aren’t drinking much Starbuck’s these days,
you’ll have all kinds of spare change around for
helpful programs just like this one!

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